Publishing for Online Learning

Going to back to the insistence that people always rebel against what becomes the status quo, I’d like to mention some recent rebellion.


The past several decades and generations of women have included a committed path to achieve equal rights in the workforce. Working as a woman was a point of pride and doing it all is representation of succeeding in society as a woman. What has come with it has been both fulfilling and exhausting. Women have come away with back pain, stress and a loss of meaning—or so some would say.

As a result, we see books like “Lean Out”, which describes a movement of middle-class women, who instead of working, paying for daycare and having little time or energy left for their families, have chosen a simpler life. Instead of joining the force, they are daring greatly enough to say no. They know how hard the women have come before them have worked, and despite the pressure to live up to a societal expectation, they are making a different, and bold choice. The choice to stay home, have less material goods and more time connected to their children and families.

This generation feels they have nothing to prove with a career. If they want one great, if not, that’s okay too. These choices have allowed them to avoid the huge percentage of women who experience back pain, neck pain, and other ailments that we know are caused by stress and repressed emotions, required for many careers. Can stress cause back pain? Yes it can indeed!

Dr. John Sarno has treated these types of ailments in both men and women for decades. It’s a very real condition that even stay-at home moms can experience if they resent the work they do. To learn more about treating it, go to

Many of these women have turned to publishing. Mommy blogs. Books. Self-publishing options. They can make a scant income (sometimes) and do something that feels “outside the home” to create a well rounded life.