The Decade of Publishing

Many say the previous decade was the decade of self-publishing. Anyone (even your grandma) can publish a blog, write a book or sell an article for Kindle. Educators have begun to publish courses online that can be studied by students all over the globe.

Where then, will the future of writing, learning and personal growth take us? If the last ten years were the decade of publishing, does that mean our future self-help and self-diagnosing will NOT happen online? Or does it simply mean that solving problems, be they medical or personal become so second nature and easy to access that we will move to the next level?

My real concern is that so many people seem to be thriving on the web. You can cure your chronic pain and you can self-actualize, apparently without ever leaving your desk. What happens when we’ve finally tapped it out? I feel we’re on the brink of bursting another bubble. This time it’s the publishing bubble, made possible by the information age.

Where will we all go? What will we all do when no one wants to read our writing, when no one wants to take an online course, when people rebel (as they always do) and demand face time instead of screen time.

Santa Barbara City College Number One Community College in the USWill we back to community college courses for fun and personal expansion? Will healthcare demands mean more time with our doctors?

I doubt it. I expect “face time” will happen through a screen and not through personal touch. What do you think? Share your comments.