The stressors of Self Publishing

I know this is off the topic of our usual discussion or what we aim to talk about, but I’ve recently become obsessed with the kinds of pressure writers and publishers put on themselves. MP910216414

In particular, anyone who makes a living on their own and is responsible for creating every single one of their own paychecks. I don’t want to start down the road that there is less security in self-employment. I don’t believe that. It does feel less secure at times because you’re the responsible party. This creates a different kind of stress than what we see caused by a demanding or unreasonable boss or negative work environment.

For some, the stress is better, for others this type of stress is unbearable. Nonetheless, they can both lead to similar types of stress related bodily symptoms that include headaches, stomach problems and back pain.


This doesn’t even take into account the posture you use when you’re writing at your desk, researching for long hours at a stretch or proofreading your work for the hundredth time.

Ergonomics in the work environment are taken very seriously by major employers such as Microsoft. You should take them just as seriously working from home. If you have pain in your wrist from typing, you may want to adjust your chair or your desk height.

If you hunch over when you’re learning and researching, you could end up with neck or shoulder pain. These small nuisances can lead to ongoing problems that don’t want to heal easily on their own. Take it from one who knows.