Vulnerability and Writing

In this article we’ll cover a bit on book cover design and a bit on book publishing. In the last article we talked about how TMS and pain can be influenced by our book writing. Next we’ll dive deeper into the real reason you publish, how to write in your authentic voice and why you need to be aware of the importance of great book cover design. (We like CoverDesignStudio)

How many book publishers or self published writers have you met? How many have your really gotten to know? I know a few, and I can attest that while some have come along on the path of authenticity, others write books as a way to deal with their own anxiety and stress. The repressed emotions they are managing cannot be handled by attending a yoga class a couple of times a week—they must be self published authors, completely engrossed in their subject.

I bring this up because mastering book design serves as another distraction from the emotions they haven’t yet resolved or learned to deal with. By no means do all writers or teachers suffer this problem, but it’s worth looking at. Why are we so quick to dismiss our own book covers design?

Are you writing to please others? Do you make yourself vulnerable when you write—note authentic is not the same as over-sharing or divulging too much information. Are you putting an equal amount of focus on your writing as you are on your book cover design? I ask, because very few people I talk to are invested in the final look of their book cover.

If writing has become a shield from which to hide behind or a form of escape from real life, it may not be serving you the way you think. Getting your thoughts out can certainly be valuable, but being a perfectionist and worrying about the way people perceive you is not authenticity.

How do you know when your book represents your authentic self? We’re so conditioned to plow ahead, invite the busiest life we can form and show the world we can do it all. Unfortunately, none of this really looks like an authentic life.

This is precisely why it takes so much courage to live true to ourselves and own our unique gifts. We can’t share those with the world when we’re running around like headless chickens.

Now that I have your attention, the next articles will focus on that very bravery.

What do you think?